Sample Collection

(For Wellness & Pharmacogenetics)

Steps to follow to provide your sample:

  1. Do not eat, drink or smoke at least 30 minutes prior to providing the sample. Please rinse the mouth before administering the swab.
  2. Open the swab pouch at one end, Remove the one swabs at a time. Rub and rotate the swabs in inner cheek and gums. Repeat the same with other swab
  3. Inspect the swabs for any discoloration or food particles. If any of these are present then please reject the sample, rinse mouth and repeat the sample collection process with a new swab
  4. Keep the collected sample swabs back in swab pouch.
  5. Enclose the swab pouch along with the filled consent form in envelope provided. Seal and call us for collection. After the envelope is sealed please put it in fridge till such time the courier company comes to collect it

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